RSS Builder by Deep IT / D[-]P TranslateIt! for Mac Copyright 2003-2009, Uncle MiF, Deep IT, RealSofts, MITME TranslateIt! 14.1 (build 14101) for Mac Mon, 7 September 2009 14:00:00 +0400

Changes list

  • For work of TranslateIt! now Mac OS X 10.6+ required
  • Active Zone (AZ) "first time" help tooltip now hides on AZ-move
  • Updated splash image
  • Growl framework updated

  • "Hide from the Dock" option was restored
  • Added support for Firefox 5, 6, 7, 8 (see FoxyHub at the download page)
  • Updated some profiles for Online-services
  • Added removing of legacy deprecated contextual menu plugin (use Services as replacement)
  • Free text translation tool was removed from the product, and now we're working on detached free app

  • TranslateIt! is Intel-only now
  • Search wildcards: Search results are now sorted alphabetically
  • Enhanced compatibility with Mac OS X 10.7 (first iteration)
  • Various minor bug fixes and enhancements

  • The pop-up translation window and the widget now support searching for words with typos
  • The main window's search function now supports wildcards, which is useful for solving crosswords and playing other word-based games.
    Available wildcards:
    ? (any single character) and
    * (0 to 4 characters, you can use several instances of the * wildcard to increase the number of characters).
    This function only works for normalized dictionaries in the new TID format!
    Example: he?m*t
    Would match the following entries in English dictionaries:
    he might
    he must
    Note: Processing of complex requests may take some time and memory resources.
    Don't forget that you can request all entries matching your request string as a prefix by hitting CMD-Enter or CMD-OPT-Enter.
  • Better detection of delimiters when importing entries from a file to a user dictionary in the dictionary editor
  • Online-service editor bug fix: Selection remaining at the same position, or the last service being deleted, when deleting services
  • Bug fix: TranslateIt! would not automatically check for updates on startup, if this option was set to "Always / Every time"
  • Some localizations and GUI components updated
  • Better dictionary normalization
  • All private API's fully removed
  • The open notes shortcut changed from CMD-Shift-N to CMD-OPT-N, as the former is used to create new user dictionaries
  • Deleted/hidden some obsolete menu options and settings
  • Added prompt when deleting a dictionary group
  • Complete revamp of preferences for all localizations
  • Added support for Turkish in text translations
  • Added help pages for new functions
  • Updated widget with support for wildcards and searching for words entered with typos
  • In order to meet the MAS requirements, and for canonization purposes, TranslateIt application support folder was renamed to "TranslateIt" (without "!"). Dictionaries installed in the old support folder will be automatically detected. (Don't delete the old application support folder, as TranslateIt! will use links to dictionary files in their original location instead of moving them to the new application support folder!)
  • Dictionary converter now respects custom header sorting in certain dictionaries in order to fix the bug that resulted in bad dictionary index and missing entries in versions 12.9, i3.0 and i3.1. To fix this problem in already converted dictionaries, use DictionaryAnalyzer (available on the TranslateIt! web site), or re-compile your dictionaries in version 14 or higher
  • DictionaryBuilder and Widget are not a part of the application any more (to decrease the size of the basic application bundle and updates.) However, they are still available as separate products with DictionaryAnalyzer
  • The Firefox & Thunderbird integration module ( was removed from the basic application package. The updated integration module (version 3.0.3) is available on the TranslateIt! site as a separate download and now supports Firefox 4 beta
  • The silent installer of MS Office support scripts has been removed frond the basic application package and is now available as a separate download ( with support for MS Office 2011. An enhanced translation Automaton action for Word '11 is also available
  • The on-the-fly translation window and the widget now support bword-links for Babylon dictionaries (BGL)
  • Added support for group and morphology settings in property files of TID dictionaries
  • Support for TID containers (that include some additional objects like MDICT packages) and automatic installation of TID dictionaries from ZIP archives
  • Various minor bugs fixed

  • New: Create user dictionaries, and add/edit/delete entries in user dictionaries
  • Fixed: Minor memory leaks in the widget and the main application
  • New: More TID dictionaries in TranslateIt! version bundled with dictionaries
  • Update: Bundled dictionaries updated to include additional entries (aliases and normalization for dictionary entries)
  • New: Support for entry compression, normalization of entry headers (available for English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Polish and other languages with similar diactrics), TID encoding and localization of dictionary metadata (properties)
  • Update: Enhanced processing of links inside entries in the popup window and the widget
  • Update: Added a backup translation mechanism to the text translation tool
  • Because of some changes in Mac OS X, from now on, integrity checks of binary files will be declarative only, the application will not display any messages or quit
  • Minor bug fixes

  • New proprietary dictionary format (TID), to be enhanced in future releases.
    As an example of a TID dictionary, TranslateIt! With Addons now includes the English-Russian Computer Dictionary in TID format.
    For more info about the new format, see TranslateIt! homepage
  • Widget updated
  • German localization updated
  • Polish localization updated
  • French localization updated

  • Completely new Text Translation tool
  • Fixed Firefox Plugin error when looking up translations by request from the contextual menu while the on-the-fly translation is disabled
  • Some menu items optimized (merged) with OPT & Shift modifiers
  • Detachable cards now have blurred background and possibility to tune the background color
  • Improved english words colorizer for plaintext dictionaries
  • Text area content shifting fixed
  • GUI updated, global GUI revamping started
  • Dramatically improved the suggestions search engine (fixed appearance of the status bar messages and nearby controls)
  • The Integration menu is moved to the Help menu as a submenu
  • The Grammar menu is moved to the Help menu as a submenu
  • Various improvements and minor bug fixes

  • Implemented ability to localize group names in dictionaries
  • A version with an extended package of pre-installed dictionaries
  • Fixed a bug when TranslateIt! may freeze sometimes when trying to detach a card right after the program start
  • Dictionary packages now may have predefined group morphology
  • F-Script support for advanced users (

    F-Script framework look up priority is the following: ~/Library/Frameworks/, /Library/Frameworks/, and the application bundle (the lowest priority) (compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 or later)

    F-Script activates only on user request. However, it is possible to enable activation on TranslateIt! launch:
    defaults write ru.DeepIT.TranslateIt TranslateIt\!ActivateFScrpt -bool true
    You can also add the F-Script menu item:
    defaults write ru.DeepIT.TranslateIt TranslateIt\!InsertFScriptMenu -bool true
  • Lightweight proxy-interface to automate common operations via F-Script.

    Examples are shown below separated by comma (all calls come to the special "ti" proxy-object):

    ti translateCurrentWord, ti translateWord:'clever', ti cloudTranslation:'smart', ti onTheFlyTranslation, ti addWordToHistory:'test', ti setShortTranslation:'description', ti detachCard, ti speakWord:'super', ti speakCurrentWord, ti openMainWindow, ti closeMainWindow, ti translateText:'hello world', ti quiz, ti quit, ti historyWordsCount, ti prevHistoryWord, ti nextHistoryWord, ti firstHistoryWord, ti lastHistoryWord, ti prevTranslatedWord, ti nextTranslatedWord, ti closeQuizWindow, ti stopQuiz, ti show, ti open, ti close, ti print, ti printEntry, ti printNote, ti printHistory, ti printCards, ti copyEntryToClipboard, ti copyNoteToClipboard, ti historyWord, ti historyShortTranslation, ti historySelectRow:1, ti entryText, ti entryText string, ti noteText, ti noteText string, ti showConsole, ti openObjectBrowser

    If you need more commands, don't hesitate to mail us, and we'll implement interesting requests in future software versions.
  • Support for external F-Script commands via the x-translateit protocol (e.g. x-translateit://do?ti+quiz, x-translateit://do?ti+showConsole, x-translateit://do?ti+openObjectBrowser) as an additional method of external system integration

  • Added Web documents recognition: Now you can drag a URL (of an HTML-page or an online-hosted PDF-file) from your browser's address bar or a web page to the TranslateIt! Dock icon, or to the TranslateIt! main window (or just copy and paste a URL to the TranslateIt! search field), and you'll get its translation via the Full text translation tool
  • Fixed the issue with duplicates appearing in the learning history list (x-ost://105)
  • Fixed broken automatic post-configuration of TranslateIt! helper scripts for MS Office
  • Links in the Help menu updated
  • English forum repaired
  • Online Customer Support Center opened

  • Restored Thunderbird 3.1.1 support
  • Restored support (

  • Now available: contextual menu translation, Services, translation of clipboard contents, Drag&Drop, direct pasting into the search field, detection of texts for automatic starting of the full-text translation tool (enabled by default.)
    To disable automatic starting of the full-text translation tool (restore the old behavior), enter the following command in Terminal:
    defaults write ru.DeepIT.TranslateIt GTIDontAutoTranslate -bool YES
    To re-enable:
    defaults write ru.DeepIT.TranslateIt GTIDontAutoTranslate -bool NO
  • Users can bind a group of dictionaries with a certain morphology module
    (Different morphology modules for various dictionary groups instead of the same module for all dictionaries.)
    Newly created groups inherit the last active morphology module.
    It is recommended to check all your groups to set correct morphology modules (one-time operation.)
    To disable support for different morphology modules for groups (restore the old behavior), enter the following command in Terminal:
    defaults write ru.DeepIT.TranslateIt TranslateIt\!DontUseAssignedMorphologyForGroups -bool YES
    To re-enable:
    defaults write ru.DeepIT.TranslateIt TranslateIt\!DontUseAssignedMorphologyForGroups -bool NO
  • For the Firefox & Thunderbird module: fix for non-standard RDF-configuration creation when starting up necessary TranslateIt! components from paths containing symbols &, <, >, " that need to be replaced with XML/HTML-entities.
  • The Firefox & Thunderbird integration module will be automatically updated to version 3.0.1
  • Enhancements in automatic integration with the Services menu depending on the context (Manual enabling in the Snow Leopard system preferences is no more needed.)
  • TranslateIt! windows don't show up on start, if their visibility is disabled, but the History panel was open during previous session.
  • Enhancements in background loading of History
  • Polish localization updated (including the Widget), minor fixes in other localizations
  • Integration with contactual menus of 32-bit applications updated
  • Rules for the Yandex translation service updated
  • Rules for the Gramota online-service updated
  • Rules for the Multitran online-service updated
  • Improvements in diactrical marks matching and searching for similar words (fixed rare memory leaks leading application crates.)
  • The 'Install dictionary' button on the 1st Preferences tab now offers to either install a local dictionary, or a remote dictionary from a repository.
  • Switching of dictionary groups, if any, from the contextual menu of the TranslateIt! Dock icon and status bar item
  • Switching of morphology modules, if any, from the contextual menu of the TranslateIt! Dock icon and status bar item
  • To save menubar real estate, users can disable menu items such as Dictionary Group, Grammar, and Integration:
    defaults write ru.DeepIT.TranslateIt TranslateIt\!DontShowDictionaryGroup -bool YES
    defaults write ru.DeepIT.TranslateIt TranslateIt\!DontShowGrammar -bool YES
    defaults write ru.DeepIT.TranslateIt TranslateIt\!DontShowIntegration -bool YES
    To re-enable the above menu items:
    defaults write ru.DeepIT.TranslateIt TranslateIt\!DontShowDictionaryGroup -bool NO
    defaults write ru.DeepIT.TranslateIt TranslateIt\!DontShowGrammar -bool NO
    defaults write ru.DeepIT.TranslateIt TranslateIt\!DontShowIntegration -bool NO
    Groups can be switched from application preferences, the main window toolbar (optional button), status bar item, and the contextual menu of the Dock icon, so the Groups menu is actually not that necessary.
    For now, grammar support is available for a limited number of languages, so the Grammar menu is only a distraction. No you can disable it.
    You can also set up integration once, and then disable the Integration menu
  • Private RSS feed added
  • Punycode (IDN) Support added
  • Various minor bugs fixed

  • Technical update TN-100621-1 (Snd: WAV)
  • Technical update TN-100618-1 (Firefox/Thunderbird)
  • Word capture engine improved, and now it is compatible with Safari 5 and the updated WebKit.
  • Firefox extension updated:
  • Firefox 3.6 and Thunderbird 3 compatibility
  • Full-text on-the-fly translations in Firefox and Thunderbird
  • Advanced settings
  • Automatic installation and updates for Firefox and Thunderbird.
  • Capture mode restrictions added (see the 4th preferences tab): mouse click right after a movement, double-click, setting up modifier key for on-the-fly translations
  • TranslateIt! is now compatible with the Mac OS X built-in Parental Controls out of the box (applicable only to the original application not modified by third party utilities, provided that the Hide option is disabled, and the Services shortcuts aren't changed, if you use Mac OS X 10.5 or earlier (under Mac OS X 10.6 and later, Services shortcuts can be changed freely in System Preferences)).
  • Google Chrome plug-in available. For more information see
  • Added keyboard layout (language) restore feature for the main window and the full-text translation window (in order to prevent conflicts, do NOT enable this feature, if your operating system allows different input sources for each document)To enable this feature, in Terminal, enter the following:
    defaults write ru.DeepIT.TranslateIt TranslateIt\!ControlKeyboardLayout -bool YES
    To switch back to the normal behavior, enter
    defaults write ru.DeepIT.TranslateIt TranslateIt\!ControlKeyboardLayout -bool NO
  • By default, the preferences window animation is now disabled for new installations
  • Added WAV file support for the Speak feature (in addition to the MP3 support.) When merging sound packages, WAV files have priority over MP3 files.
  • Polish localization added (thanks to Jaroslaw Teterycz)
  • Regular expression library updated (to RegexKitLite 4.0)
  • Contextual menu plugin for 32-bit applications updated
  • German localization updated
  • LetsMove smart installer integrated
  • TranslateIt! widget updated
  • Various minor bugs fixed

  • Added on-the-fly translation functionality to Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac products (Entourage, Word, Excel, PowerPoint): In the Scripts menu, choose 'Look Up in TranslateIt!', or press ' Command + . ' (the default keyboard shortcut for this function)
  • Added support for Babylon dictionary format (BGL) (
  • Added support for SDICT dictionary format (
  • Enhanced quality and formatting of full-text translations
  • New line-by-line translation mode
  • Fixed memory leaks and various minor bugs
  • Updated DictBuilder and the core scripts
  • Updated the TranslateIt! Dashboard widget
  • Updated profiles of some online translation services
  • Added new dictionaries to our repository
  • Enhanced morphology modules for English, Russian, French, and German

  • Fixed a rare XDXF dictionary installation bug
  • Enhanced support for transcriptions in Babylon dictionaries
  • French and German localizations corrected

  • Finally removed primary AB-record fetching and collection when a fake license is detected
  • Privacy policy document page is modified (removed obsolete information about AB-fetching)
  • RegexKitLite updated to version 3.3
  • Registration and nag screens are not modal now
  • Polished style is removed, and TI now uses the system standard window texture
  • Fixed tooltips in the 1st tab of the Preferences (the ones related to Update & Install Dictionaries buttons)
  • Many internal components are updated (including DictBuilder, DictionaryAnalyzer, Widget, and core scripts)
  • Tuned Babylon transcription support in the on-the-fly translation window, and in the Widget
  • Improved the on-the-fly translation module (the low level text capture engine)
  • Added workaround for's known bug when capturing selected words from some PDF files with complex formatting
    (the bug also reported to Apple, see refs: rdar://7416356 and rdar://7416355)
  • Application exception support added for on-the-fly translation (see the 4th tab of the Preferences), please, note however, that, for the sake of usability, this filter isn't used in the Look up once mode, because it is a user's direct decision to translate something
  • Now on-the-fly translation consumes less CPU (when it is constantly turned on)
  • Optimized internal integrity checks
  • Snow Leopard changes: restored association of saved history files with TI
  • Improved: learning history fast insert with short selected translation
  • History background auto recovery feature implemented (by default, it backs up the history list once per minute (60 seconds), however you can set any interval between 20 seconds and 20 minutes (in seconds, e.g. for 2 minutes, the value would be 120):

    defaults write ru.DeepIT.TranslateIt TIHistoryAutoRecoveryTime -int 120

    to turn auto recovery off:

    defaults write ru.DeepIT.TranslateIt TIHistoryAutoRecoveryTime -int 0

    to revert to the default behavior:

    defaults delete ru.DeepIT.TranslateIt TIHistoryAutoRecoveryTime

  • Fixed minor memory leaks while working with property list files
  • New button added to the pop-up window that allows to quickly add current word to the history list
  • Fixed redirect issues (301, 302 HTTP error codes) related to curl utility usage when downloading packages (dictionaries, sounds, etc) from remote servers
  • Finally, support for pronunciation sounds added to the pop-up window and the Widget
  • Added a button to the History drawer to quickly launch a Quiz
  • Custom move mode added for the pop-up window: Click the window while holding the CMD key, move your mouse to the required screen position, then click again
  • Pin mode added for the pop-up window: Click the window while holding the OPT key to enable or disable pinning; when pinning is enabled, the pop-up window will retain its position between TranslateIt! launches
  • Some outdated Online Service profiles are updated

  • Technical update TN-091005 (improved Babylon transcription support in StarDict dictionary format)

  • Technical update TN-090929 (Growl 1.2, Yandex En-Ru Profile updated, improved Removing to the Trash, App's client-server components communication improved)

  • Restored support (
  • Technical update TN-090917 (Google: fixed encoding issue for Web Sites Online Translation)

  • Technical update TN-090916 (fixed crash on an alert in thread)

  • Re-enabled Growl support
  • TI Widget updated
  • Misc fixes

  • Technical update TN-090910 (Snow Leopard: fixed flirt mutation issue)

  • Technical update TN-090908 (Snow Leopard: fixed words cache issue)

  • All software components are updated for compatibility with Snow Leopard 10.6 and 64-bit environment (Intel x86_64)
  • Google Online translation for the site content is now accessible from TranslateIt!'s Full Text Translation tool: just enter in theSource Text field a correct URL starting with http://, i.e., then select Source and Destination languages and press the 'Translate' button. TranslateIt! will detect the Text or URL content automatically and select the required mode by itself.
    Web pages will be translated in the simple web browser that also supports the page navigation feature with continuing recursive translation.
  • Some links need to be updated because some dictionaries were reorganized in the repository (see below)
  • Now if the update link is outdated, TranslateIt! tries to auto recalculate it automatically
  • Newly added Online Services receive Green Status just after installation
  • Two new buttons added to the first tab of the Preferences dialog: one for new dictionaries installation and the second for looking for updates to existing dictionaries
  • Now after clicking the 'Install More Dictionaries' menu item or the Question (help) button on the first Preferences' tab, two Web pages will open with a dictionary list (classical and repository)
  • Shortcuts recorder component is updated
  • Sparkle framework is updated
  • Growl support is temporary disabled until Growl version 1.2 comes out (which should support the x86_64 architecture)
  • Contextual Menu integration now has 64-bit support, but because of new Apple's policy, it won't work in the 64-bit environment for Snow Leopard. It still works with 32-bit applications. For 64-bit applications, you can use Services; fortunately, now related Services show also in the contextual menu.
    You could configure available services at the System Preferences / Keyboard / Keyboard Shortcuts / Services.
    Just activate 'Scan', ''Translate' and 'Add to history' TranslateIt! services.

  • To make it easy for the user, newly created Online Services are assigned to All Dictionaries just after creation
  • Online Services duplicates now inherit the dictionaries association from the source service
  • To improve reading and standardize the behavior, Online Services rule sections now have auto re-ordering while saving
  • New Online Services profiles added: Ru.Wiktionary, En.Wiktionary, Fr.Wiktionary, De.Wiktionary
  • Integrated fast dictionary converter now compatible with new Apple Dictionary formats including new Snow Leopard format modifications
  • Fast dictionary converter now also supports localized Apple dictionaries; while converting, it selects the content according with System Language settings
  • Auto entries compression added to native TranslateIt! Dictionary format
  • Many improvements and fixes